Consulting and Case Studies

Howe Sound Research provides consulting and expanded report services to support your market research precisely.  We continually work with clients to provide specific data and marketing decision support services.  Some examples, consistent with our client confidentiality standards, are below:

Leading Diagnostic Company Needs Specific Data.  A leading diagnostic company was considering how to approach a specific user segment that might become a major vertical market for their recently released instrument.  HSR developed a qualitative and quantitative view of this vertical as an extension of the research in our standard research report.  This extended research had implications for distribution and positioning strategies specific to the vertical while providing a firm dataset for setting realistic business development goals.

Major Diagnostic Company Considering Market Entry. A major diagnostic company was considering opportunities in a new assay technology.  Our standard report in this area was extended to provide  qualitative and quantitative information about specific segments of interest to this company and the attractiveness (or not) of these specific segments.  This permitted a lower risk and successful market entry approach.

Breakthrough Technology Market Strategy.  A diagnostic startup fresh out of academia has a new technology that can go in many directions.  A fully custom report provides them a path forward. The report was soundly based on market fundamentals and data, not just technical capability.

We would be happy to discuss your plans and ideas, confidentially, and without obligation.