Consulting and Telemarketing

Howe Sound Research provides a complete line of business development support services designed to help customers create and implement effective marketing programs.  Let our experience in building marketing programs help you achieve the business goals you are after.

Market Strategy.  Developing clear focussed market strategies for each product market segment is the first and most important step in any marketing work.  With this done the branding, marketing communications, sales programs, and sales promotion work can proceed with clear direction.  Howe Sound Research has created, literally, hundreds of  marketing strategy statements for a wide range of products and services, serving customers in many industries.  With these clear directions in place customer facing teams pull together and achieve more.

Branding and Marketing Communications.  Brand name, logo and definition are the basis of sales collateral.  Howe Sound Research works with the right graphic designers to translate brand definitions into engaging and successful brand identities.  We carry on from there to develop the sales collateral, be it brochures or websites, that  support the range of marketing initiatives in your plan.

Advertising, Sales and Telemarketing Programs.  The last step is where the rubber meets the road, reaching out to real potential customers through advertising and sales activity to introduce your company and its products or services.  Our team at Howe Sound Research can provide these customer acquisition services directly so that you can focus on the business of delivering the product and services to your customers.

We would be happy to discuss your plans and ideas without obligation.