Our Company

About Us

Howe Sound Research is a market research and consulting company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  In our spare time we like to sail in a large body of water nearby called Howe Sound.  We publish market research reports that address scientific industries with an emphasis on Biotechnology, Instrumentation, Pharmaceutical and Clinical Diagnostic markets. We consider ourselves experts in these areas. 

We approach market research differently than other companies.  At any one time we have a limited number of reports and we update them frequently, sometimes several times a year.  Our reports are prepared by people who understand the industry and have worked and studied in the area.  This contrasts with the many research mills who produce canned reports on the Handbag market one day and the X-Ray market the next. 

We have been providing market research and consulting services since 2001.   We have a passion for providing research that is useful and readable; research reports that help our customers truly understand the size and the strategic issues of their market.


Our service goes beyond providing research reports.  We often provide, at no extra cost, information that will help you apply our numbers to your unique situation.  We've been doing this for years.   We are industry specialists who continually update a limited number of reports year after year.   Read more about our unique approach in Our Research below.  We think it provides better information.  If you have a question about our research services please email:  service@howesoundresearch.com.

Our Team

Our President is Greg Powell B.Sc.(Chemistry) and M.B.A.(Finance).  Mr. Powell is a graduate of the Harvard Business School program, Finance for Senior Executives and a graduate of The Burke Inc. program in Market Research.  He is a Member of The American Association for Clinical Chemistry.  He has considerable hands on experience with strategic investment analysis and market development in a range of technology and healthcare industries.  He has assisted many clients in the development of their businesses.  Our research reports are oriented to support business development initiatives, identification of market opportunities and forecasting/budgeting.  

All our full time staff hold graduate degrees from recognized universities with backgrounds in commerce, market research, scientific research, statistics and technical writing.  We employ temporary and contract staff to carry out survey work.

Our Research

Every year, and sometimes several times a year, our reports are updated.  We follow a limited number of markets and track their development, their growth, their ups and downs.  We know where the industry has been and where its going.  This allows us to provide the most accurate information on true market size and future prospects. Our large base of established customers helps us too.  We change our segmentation and breakouts as the industry changes, giving you the most relevant and current views on the latest hot growth areas and key technical developments.  We keep up with the market so that you can too.  After all, what good is last year's report?  You need to know what is happening now.  We are firmly grounded in the past but always looking to the future.  We go to some trouble to make our reports readable. If you are looking for accurate, relevant and insightful information look no further.   

Our Portfolio

We currently follow three industries: Instrumentation Services (Calibration), Clinical Diagnostics and Therapeutics/Pharmaceuticals.  We possess a unique expertise in testing and diagnostic service markets.  These "service" markets are poorly understood by market analysts.  The sciences of metrology (measurement) and biochemistry/genomics are also poorly understood by most analysts.  We provide specific information in our reports based on what you, the customer, request so please let us know what you are looking for.  We can probably help.

Our offices are at Suite 203, 2790 Granville, Vancouver, BC.  We can be reached by phone at 604-377-8604.

Contact us via email at service@howesoundresearch.com