" SYNDROMIC MULTIPLEX PANELS MARKETS.  Strategies and Trends.  Forecasts by Syndrome (Respiratory, Sepsis, GI etc.) by Country.  With Market Analysis, Executive Guides.  2023 to 2027 "

537 Pages packed with information 

The Syndromic Diagnostics Market enters a new post pandemic growth phase as new entrants jockey for position in a New Diagnostic World.

How will COVID-19 affect Syndromic and Infectious Disease Diagnostics? The COVID pandemic is ushering in a new world of infectious disease diagnostics.  Infectious disease Dx is changing and will change more in the future.  Can a rapidly growing market expand even faster?  Find out all about it in this comprehensive report on Syndromic Multiplex Diagnostics.

Are targeted tests for specific pathogens going to be obsolete?  Will diagnostics replace physicians?  Will Infectious Disease testing move into the Physician’s Office or even the Home?

Syndromic testing is proving itself in the market. Players are reporting double digit growth. Lowering costs, improving outcomes and even helping in the battle against Anti Microbial Resistance.  Learn about this market including the issues and outlooks.  The two key trends of Point of Care Testing and Molecular Diagnostics are merging with spectacular success.  It could possibly displace most frontline test protocols AND save money at the same time.  The report forecasts the market size out for five years.  In a special section the report looks at the numbers on how syndromic molecular diagnostics are replacing traditional panel based ordering of infectious disease tests.

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Mr. Greg Powell, B.SC., M.B.A is the President of Howe Sound Research and the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. 


He is an experienced business and clinical professional.  He is co-author of the paper "The Radioimmunoassay of Angiotensinogen by Antibody Trapping."  He has worked in laboratory testing and management for over 20 years.  Mr. Powell’s education includes:

B.Sc. (Chemistry) University of BC

M.B.A. (Finance and Policy) University of BC

Market Research  - Burke Institute

Finance for Senior Executives - Harvard Business School

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