PATHOGEN SEQUENCING MARKETS By Application, by Pathogen with Executive & Consultant Guides and COVID-19 Sequencing Market Breakout 2020 to 2024


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Will pathogen sequencing replace all infectious disease diagnostics?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a boon for the growing Pathogen Sequencing Market.  Now both Clinicians and Public Health officials are realizing the benefits of the complete sequencing approach to infectious disease diagnostics and management.  New instrumentation, some of it handheld.  Global databanks of pathogen gene profiles available instantly.  It is a whole new world of infectious disease management.  And those with the right technology at the right time will reap enormous rewards.  Its only just begun.

Pharmacogenomics? Antibiotic resistance management?  Epidemic control and monitoring?  International standards?  These benefits and more are all on the table as this technology moves out of the lab and onto the global stage. Get ahead of the developments. This report forecasts the market size out to 2024.  The report includes detailed breakouts for 14 countries and 5 regions.

Find out about the technology in readily understood terms that explain the jargon.  What are the issues?  Find the opportunities and the pitfalls.  Understand growth expectations and the ultimate market forecasts for the next five years.

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Make investment decisions and valuations with confidence using the latest data.  


Mr. Greg Powell, B.SC., M.B.A is the President of Howe Sound Research and the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. 


He is an experienced business and clinical professional.  He is co-author of the paper "The Radioimmunoassay of Angiotensinogen by Antibody Trapping."  He has worked in laboratory testing and management for over 20 years.  Mr. Powell’s education includes:

B.Sc. (Chemistry) University of BC

M.B.A. (Finance and Policy) University of BC

Market Research  - Burke Institute

Finance for Senior Executives - Harvard Business School

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