Calibration Services Market Strategy & Forecasts - Global Version 2016 to 2019


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May 2, 2016 version.

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“Increasing Regulation drives growth in Calibration Services Industry.....”

A growing market.  Key growth drivers.  An industry protected from economic cycles.  An industry driven forward by increasing global regulations and security.  The future of the calibration services industry is explored with detailed market forecasts and strategic analysis.  This 2016 edition of the industry standard report provides valuable information and insight.  The report doesn’t just look at market size.  It examines key operational principles and industry best practices provided by industry veterans.   Look at acquisition and divestiture opportunities. Revise pricing and service terms.  Develop new service packaging and offerings.  Consider integrated marketing programs.

"I recommend it as a planning tool for any organization that provides calibration services."
Dr. Malcolm Smith, Board Member NACLA, Committee Chair NCSLI

24 companies are profiled in this report.  

This latest version of the report includes Major Metropolitan Market Size Table 2016.

Purchasors can request Inividual Country Market Size information without additional charge.

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All the important facts are here.  Industry growth rates.  Geographic, instrumentation and industry breakdowns of market size.  Explore the potential of the industry and gain an appreciation of the big  picture for a relatively new industry that is expanding onto a global stage.

 LEARN MORE. Request your Free Executive Summary with Key Market Trends and Competitive Insights 


Mr. Greg Powell, B.SC., M.B.A is the President of Howe Sound Research. He has over 20 years experience in the calibration services industry as both a consultant and executive. Mr. Powell’s education includes:

B.Sc. (Chemistry) University of BC

M.B.A. (Finance and Policy) University of BC

Market Research Seminar - Burke Institute

Finance for Senior Executives - Harvard Business School