Our Methodology is simple. We are experts in the industries we follow.

Why buy a canned, out of date report?  Traditional off the shelf market research puts together teams of junior analysts with little or no prior knowledge of an industry.  They produce a standard formula report that is fuzzy about the details, full of guesswork,  and without the benefit of historical industry knowledge of past trends that have come and gone. An analyst will work on the Handbag Market one day and the XRay Market the next. They, or more likely someone else, might revisit the report 3 years later (if at all).  Our approach relies on experienced professionals who are experts in the industry.  

We believe in Continuous Improvement, updating our tried and true research data regularly and looking at the information in new ways, adding sections on new topics. We look at all the numbers that anyone produces so that you can be sure all the latest research information is included with your report.  We stay on top of competitive moves, mergers, product announcements and other information that is essential to form a current view.  We update our numbers at least twice a year and sometimes more often so that you are assured of getting the most relevant and up-to-date data. We continuously update news and company information.

We use both primary and secondary research. We are regularly talking with customers about their experience in the market and also tracking relevant secondary sources to get factual data on industry sales, shipments and developments.  Our approach is to constantly update our reports as news and information becomes available so that you always have the most current information.  In addition we try to provide potential market size information for new technologies as this is important information for long view investors.  Our resources include, but are not limited to:

Company and Executive Supplied Information

Trade and Industry Associations

Public Company Financial Filings, Annual Reports, Insider Reports and Financial Analysts Estimates

Venture Capital and Investment Firm Activity and Outlooks

Opinion Leaders and Manufacturers

Industry Surveys and Market Analysis

We identify and discuss most competitors in the industry and provide profiles of key players. We consistently provide the most accurate assessment of market size.  Maybe more importantly we understand what is and is not in the numbers to help you make better decisions with the numbers we provide.  


Who uses our reports?

CEO's, Presidents, Managing Directors and Executives
Marketing and Sales Executive and Management
Management Consultants 
Investment Bankers and Venture Capital Firms
Regulatory and Government Bodies
Operational Managers

If you are an NGO (Non Governmental Organization working as a Non-Profit) then you are eligible for our United Nations discount.  Please enquire.

All data and market pricing information are obtained in a lawful manner fully compliant with all known legal and regulatory requirements in effect at the time of publication.